Origins of the T53

Origins of the T53

Postby j79guy on Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:42 pm

Urban legend has it that Dr. Hermann Oestrich (Of BMW fame, made engines for the infamous ME-262, AR-239 "Blitz" bomber, and HE-162 "Salamander") after WW-II was approached by Lycoming to assist with the design of a 700hp. helicopter engine. He scoffed and sketched out a simple design on a paper table napkin, and said "here is your engine". The engine was built and became the T53, one of the most successful turboshaft engine designs ever produced. Revised, modified and grown to the Model T-55. Eliminate the shaft horsepower drive, and add a bypass fan on the front, and there you have the ALF-502. The basics sketched out on a paper napkin all those years ago.

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