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PW 4056/4062 Engines

Postby f4dj79 on Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:46 pm

When I got to the flightline in 1994 on the 747-400 all the PW4000 series engines for domestic, combi, and 400er, airplanes got the 4062 thrust rated engines and the freighters got the 4056 rated engines. These engines had their growing pains mainly with tail pipe winds and winds from the side. The engines would moan, groan and sometimes bang form compresser stalls. The fuel control was changed out and that solved the troubles, can you believe it just change the amount of fuel going to the engine. The down side the engine smoked just alittle bit. I believe that PW re-worked some of the turbine section to get the tail pipe stall troubles fixed. I never did get a detailed report on the fix.
PW tried taking the 4000 series to create the 4077 and 4090 engines for the 777 by placing a bigger fan on them. We no longer use that engine unless the customer wants them. We have a Delta in the line and they are using PW4077 on the 777-200. The engine on the smaller jets that only fly state-side do just fine and are relaible enough. I think that once PW got the bugs worked out the engine performed just fine. The limites seem to be 4090 thrust output anything more was just too much for the core to handle and testing showed that. The fan would seperate at the hub bearing area and PW would get to test the kevlar belt blade out barrier. Today the PW 4000 series engine is one of the most reliable engines for it size and thrust. I do not have anything bad to say about the 4000 series engines.
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