Another LSR Challenger.

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Another LSR Challenger.

Postby j79guy on Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:23 pm

Looks like the old North American Eagle-I car has been sold, and now is being piloted by "Diamond" JImmy Jet Neilson.
Not sure what mods have been done but at least a new nose, and a paint job.
S&S will be supplying a replacement engine assembly, based on a GE J79-2. (Actually an industrial LM1500, Model PB-104, which is based on a J79-2)
Engine was test run today, and ran like a champ.
Tentative first real run of the car is scheduled for early January 2010 in Panama. Should be fun.
You can Google "Jim Jet Neilson Panama" for more details.

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