Just Another J79 Maniac

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Just Another J79 Maniac

Postby f4dj79 on Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:31 pm

I spent four years in the Air force working F-4D's with GE-J79-15 and F-16 Pratt and Whitney F100-PW-200/220/229 equiped powerplants. Most of my duties were out on the line as Crew Chief. I do the same duties on the North American Eagle. I did get the chance to work in the engine shop from time to time. There I got to run engines and help with the tear down and re-build of the old J79.

Now I work for Boeing at the Everett flightline, there I have worked the 747-400, 767 and 777 aircraft. Most of the duties here have been as a flightline mechanic and troubleshooting technician. The various engines worked on have been the CF6, PW4000,RB211 engines hanging on the 767 and 747. The current engines on the 777 are PW4090, Trent 895 and GE 90/94/115 type enignes. We genrally do not get into the overhaul of enigne here at Boeing but occasionally we assist the vendors in on aircraft repairs. We do get into the accessories like generators, starters and hydraulic pumps. I have worked in the removal and installation engine shop for each model aircraft at Everett.

In my spare time I work on the North American Eagle F-104 landspeed race car. That is right we took a scrap/junk yard dog that had been de-mil'ed, (all cut up), it had no wings, engine, and the tail cone and vertical was laying in a mud puddle. For the last eight years the team has been working on the car to get it ready to make the attempt. Why has it taken so long, that is the easy part no money and no big sponsors. Much of the car has been put together from donated stuff. We have companies that have help out with engine, suspension and wheels, hydraulic systems. Right now we are the CFD work creating a 3d image of the F-104 and the car configuration. The next thing to do is find a company that will do the ultra-high speed aero-dynamic analysis. We have got the car up to 400mph and that is just about the limit with out more advanced aero-dynamic fairings. So until we know how the car will perform at simulated speeds up to 900mph in the ground effects. We just do not want to take the risk of trying to go faster. We have several companies looking but know one has stepped up yet.
We have set our next test sessions for the spring to finish up our phase four intermediate speed testing 200-400 mph. The big deal here is setting up the data gathering system.
Recently during an engine ground run test we found some new electrical troubles. We have installed a voltage regualtor and trying to wire it up like the OEM system has been a challenge. Much of the original wiring and black boxes were just ripped out when the de-mil process took place. After going over the system a couple of more times more we found wires that had been cut and a couple of missing grounds. We are set to do another test in a few weeks to check out the electrical system to insure it is fixed. Well that is about all to report for now. Take a look at our web site landspeed.com (Link added, Robin.)
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Re: Just Another J79 Maniac

Postby TillamookTurbine on Fri Jan 30, 2009 5:18 pm

Glad to have you on board. I'm impressed that you get to work with the GE90. From my vantage point as an engineer and A&P I think GE and Boeing really made a quatum leap with the 777. And mind you, I'm not a big lazy-B fan. UW graduate that never worked there.

Had the pleasure of working with GE on DARPA's RASCAL program. I found them to be cooperative and technology driven. Maybe that's why the company's been around for 100 years.

Terry Spath
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Re: Just Another J79 Maniac

Postby f4dj79 on Tue Feb 17, 2009 3:29 pm

Howdee Terry
I would not trade the 777 for another program. The airplane out of the box did what we said it would fly with less than 10% dispatch problems. Most problem come from the passenger entertainment system. I say give them walkmen upon boarding and collect them whem they exit. It would cost the airline less money and troubles. Outside of finding big things during our flight testing before delivery, not to many things have grounded the fleet. The 777 airplane in my opinion is the best one flying right now. What makes it so special? The operating cost is just above the 737 in seat cost per mile. I can not give out the exact data becuase Boeing keeps that a seceret. However you can see that an airplane four times the size of the 737 can almost match its efficiency. That not tp bad!!
Yup The big B si ok to work for and it pays the bills, but I would rather be doing something else.
All the manufacturers PW, RR, and GE are great to work with and if we have a problem with the engine we just consult our data base and maintenance manuals and they are so well put together we usually do not need the vendors. Ocassionaly we get an engine that craps out on the ramp. Worst case damaged fan blades from FOD. The darn engines sit so low to the ground that they act like the old hoover vaccums and anything that get close enough that is not tide down will try to go down the inlet. Well that about it for now.
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