Boeing engines

Boeing engines

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I have worked on 767 and 747 aircraft. The 747-400 and a couple 767 jets are operating with the RB211 famliy of engines. The engines flew great, used oil and made a mess of the lower part of the engine do to the scuper tube and blow by mixed with oil would just flow. This usually happened because someone serviced the engine oil when it was cold. This should be avoided becuase the engines on the left wing have outward tilt and will show low when looking in the oil tank. Servicing them when cold will result in a over filled oil system, making it easier for oil to flow out the scuper and make a bigger mess. Then some mechanics will on the display screen on the 747 and see the 1 & 2 engines with a high quanity and try to fill the 3 & 4 to the same and the result is all engnies are over serviced, the jet goes for a flight and the customer wonders why the engines are dripping oil. The same can be said for the 767 the tilt of hte left engine will show a low quanity
I have another problem with these engines with regards to access to bleed valves and thier controls. RR placed them under the acoustic panel just forward of the T/R's and the area is tight. Anyone know me would realise I am no small, skinny guy and I have a tough time getting to these panels. The only way is with the T/R's closed and latch and climb up to the panels. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Has anyojne expirenced the dreaded RR RB211 panel removal to test the PRSOV and HPSOV valves? If you have never expireneced this you should just once then you might understand the small area to.
I know there is also another problem with this setup, if you forget to put the bolts in the panels and run the engine they will depart. the best part is when you forget to secure them before flight, yup two or three over the years have been picked up by Paine Field Maintenece and returned to us. I can only remember one that got stuck in the mud and was still usable. The rest were scrap carbon fiber!
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