Engine runs at Everett Flightline

Engine runs at Everett Flightline

Postby f4dj79 on Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:49 pm

I am going way back to the days of working on the 747-400 jets. We were doing our intial engine runs and after doing idle data, we get to go up to park power (90-105%)EPR. This is the point were the airplane jumps around and you need an engine on the other side to balance the power. Engines one and two were great and just about 75% on #3 the flood gate4s opened upand fuel started pouring out the bottom of the engine. Here is the bad part (as if fuel pouring out the bottom of the engine was not bad enough) the engine runner did not listen to me when I said shut down! He argued with me about the problem. I guess when I disconnected the comm cord and ran for the fire bottle is when everyone took me serious. Yes about fifty to one hundred gallons of fuel poured out. We were very lucky Jet-A does not light off like gasoline. After shut down and opening the engine it was found that all the bolts holding the fuel control to the turbo pump and gearbox were loose. We changed our methods of inspecting new engines and I have since gone to really looking every engine over and not just relying on the vendors. Knock on wood we have not had a repeat of that problem.
I guess the moral to the story always believe your ground guys and if you see them running try to keep up.
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