Manuals available!

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Manuals available!

Postby j79guy on Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:11 pm

I have available some technical manuals to those technicians who may be interested in particular engine models:
(Availability subject to checking out your line of work, to ensure non-competition to my business, as I too have to put groceries on my table. Also subject to ITARS, as some information cannot be shared, outside of North America without an Export License!)

Rolls Royce/Allison;
- T63-700 (Various maintenance, Service Bulletins.)
- 250-C28 (Full overhaul.)
- 501D22 (IPB, Limited overhaul. Circa 1966)
- 501KA/KB/KC (IPB, Circa 1993)
- TF41-A1A / 402D (IPB, Circa 1986)
- T56/501D/501K (Parts interchange directory.)

General Electric;
- J47 pilots handbook, Full overhaul and test.
- J79-11, -15, -17, 8, -10 (IPB)
- J79-15, -17 (Full Overhaul.)
- J79-J1E Ground Crew Engine Hand Book.
- LM1500 (IPB, Full Overhaul and Test, Service Bulletins.)
- LM1600 (Heavy Maintenance, IPB)
- LM2500 (Twin Shank Overhaul, Twin Shank, and Single Shank IPB)

- JFS100 (IPB)
- T53 (IPB)
- T55 (IPB)

- OTF-3 (IPB, Overhaul.)
- -11, -14 (IPB, Heavy Maintenance.)

Rolls Royce;
- Mk-506, 555 Spey (IPB)
- Mk-1900 (IPB, Service Bulletins.)
- Industrial Mk-1533, 1534 Avon (Overhaul, IPB)
- Industrial Olympus Mk-2022, 2024 (IPB)

- Saturn (Overhaul, IPB)
- Centaur T4000 (Overhaul, IPB)

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Re: Manuals available!

Postby CyrusNZ on Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:24 pm

Hi Robin

Thats a very nice collection.
T56 Parts interchange directory sounds like an interesting read?

I also have a few manuals, some that may be of interest to you:

- 501-D13 IPC / Maintenance Light/Heavy / Overhaul / Services Letters / Overhaul Service Letters / Commercial Engine Bulletins / Operations
- 85-90 IPC / Overhaul
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